Solve connect permission denied error in docker when show downloading the docker image in your system.

How to solve docker: Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket?
Solve docker permission denied error in local.

Why show this error?

docker pull ghost

CSS Framework

Foundation is a responsive front-end framework build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Install Foundation 6 with react-foundation and use it with react.js
Install Foundation 6 with react-foundation and use it with react.js


Chrome is the best web browser right now in the market. Lots of people use chrome every day in the life. My favorite thing is chrome that is a chrome extension.

5 Best Chrome Extension for Everyone
5 Best Chrome Extension for Everyone.

How to Install Chrome Extension?


A beginner person always faces the problem of center div on a webpage.

Center a Div with CSS
Center a Div with CSS

Let’s start it.

  1. First ways
  2. Second ways
  3. Third ways

First ways


Sequence alignment helps to compare DNA, RNA, and Protein

Sequence alignment
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash
  1. difference between two DNA or RNA and Protein.
  2. You also check Mutation inside the cell.
  3. You create a molecule 3d structure.
  4. You compare DNA or RNA from other species.
  5. You design your own new Drug.
  6. You build your own AI computer model base on biological data

Definition of Sequence alignment



In this article, you use the Bulma CSS framework and create a project use Bulma sass.

Bulma CSS Framework

react-bulma-components is another library to build a custom web app using the Bulma CSS framework.

Install react-bulma-components in My Reactjs App

let's start it

  1. Installations
  2. Import CSS or SASS
  3. Build Example App


How to install react-bulma-components?

npm install react-bulma-components


Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary approach

  1. Bio means biology
  2. Informatique (a french word) meaning data processing
  1. Bioinformatics is the field in which biology, computer science, and information technology merge into a single discipline for managing and analyzing biological data using advanced computing techniques.
  2. The combination ( or join ) of biology and…

Bulma CSS Framework

Bulma is a modern CSS framework.


Redirect from non-www to www domain maybe our site slowing down

What is Redirection?

What mean of www?

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