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I will tell you how to install nextjs globally in your machine. this article is part of my next.js #SeriesPart6

How to install Next.js globally in your Laptop and PC
How to install Next.js globally help of create-next-app?

First ways


Grammarly is a firefox extension for a writer. That helped to write an article on Firefox.

Does Grammarly support Firefox Browser by Rajdeep Singh
Does Grammarly support Firefox Browser?

Chrome Extensions

Let suppose you are a chrome user. You use chrome daily basis to read news, watch videos and so on. But sometimes, ads are disturbing, and you lose your focus.

Best 7 Ads Block Chrome Extensions by Rajdeep Singh
Best 7: Ads Block Chrome Extensions

Start Blogging Career

Install Filezilla in ubantu

Blogging Life

Blogging is a new way to start earning for everyone. But you really need a blog site. Let's find the answer?

Does Blogger really need its own website in 2021 by Rajdeep singh
Does Blogger really need its own website in 2021?


Solve connect permission denied error in docker when show downloading the docker image in your system.

How to solve docker: Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket?
Solve docker permission denied error in local.

Why show this error?

CSS Framework

Foundation is a responsive front-end framework build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Chrome is the best web browser right now in the market. Lots of people use chrome every day in the life. My favorite thing is chrome that is a chrome extension.

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