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Foundation is a responsive front-end framework build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Foundation is a great CSS framework. Foundation framework provides lots of functionally to create a responsive website with write low CSS code. Compared to Bootstrap and Bulma, the Foundation CSS framework has not created a huge impact on the developer community. That is a very small drop-back for us.

Foundation CSS framework contains 29k stars as compared to Bootstrap contains 150k stars on GitHub. I know this huge difference between the two frameworks. But one thing I definitely told you that the Foundation CSS framework slows to gain popularity in the developer community, according to Npm analytic.

Install Foundation 6 with react-foundation and use it with react.js
Install Foundation 6 with react-foundation and use it with react.js
Install Foundation 6 with react-foundation and use it with react.js

Suppose you think…


Chrome is the best web browser right now in the market. lots of people use chrome every day in life. my favorite thing is chrome that is a chrome extension.

Every person uses chrome on is daily basis life. chrome is very cool I know. you use chrome to serve the internet, maybe get information on the internet, and also read the article, news on the internet.

All extensions which I told you all available free on the chrome web store. All extensions I use daily base on my life. so I recommended you too. if you are a programmer, designer, front-end developer, writer, and explorer you must use this extension to save lots of time in life.

5 Best Chrome Extension for Everyone
5 Best Chrome Extension for Everyone
5 Best Chrome Extension for Everyone.

How to Install Chrome Extension?

Simple you go to the chrome web store and explore it. your…


Beginner person always faces the problem of center div on a webpage.

I’m Face lots of trouble maybe you also. when I center div in the webpage. one time one browser center div properly and other browsers do not properly work. that reason CSS very confusing for beginner people. you try some other CSS property to center div. but you fail.

In This article, we cover the top three ways to center div with CSS. we do not use any advanced CSS. we just only use basic CSS property to center div.

Center a Div with CSS
Center a Div with CSS
Center a Div with CSS

Let’s start it.

  1. First ways
  2. Second ways
  3. Third ways

First ways

In a first way, we use CSS position property. this is a very common…


Sequence alignment helps to compare DNA, RNA, and Protein

Sequence alignment
Sequence alignment
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Sequence alignment is a method used in bioinformatics. you use the Sequence alignment tool to compare two DNA or RNA and also protein. base on compare you check the

  1. difference between two DNA or RNA and Protein.
  2. You also check Mutation inside the cell.
  3. You create a molecule 3d structure.
  4. You compare DNA or RNA from other species.
  5. You design your own new Drug.
  6. You build your own AI computer model base on biological data

Definition of Sequence alignment

Sequence alignment is the process of comparing and detecting similarities between biological sequences (DNA, RNA, and Protein).


Sequence analysis is the method of comparing nucleotide…


In this article, you use the Bulma CSS framework and create a project use Bulma sass.

Bulma is a great CSS framework is my opinion. one thing which I love that is name conversion is very easy and rememberable for everyone.

When I start the Bulma I face one very little problem. that is sass. so I try to figure out how to use Bulma sass and also extend it for my project?

In this article, we together create a Bulma project in react js use of Bulma sass. use sass in Bulma very easily and Bulma also provides well define documentation for the developer. you easily read it and follow it.

If are learn more…

Bulma CSS Framework

react-bulma-components is another library to build a custom web app using the Bulma CSS framework.

react-bulma-components is a library build with reactjs and Bulma CSS framework. this package provides you react custom component for your projects like Material-UI and reactstrap. you use this package you build your own web app very fast and easy. because of all react custom component build with Bulma CSS framework.

Install react-bulma-components in My Reactjs App

If you install the only Bulma CSS framework in your web app. so that you follow this article.

let's start it


  1. Installations
  2. Import CSS or SASS
  3. Build Example App


How to install react-bulma-components?

You install react-bulma-components help on yarn and npm. these two ways are recommended by the react-bulma-components package.

Install Npm

npm install react-bulma-components



Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary approach

Bioinformatics is a new branch in the science world. Bioinformatics comes with many opportunities for us.

The term bioinformatics was invented by Paulien Hogeweg and Ben Hesper in 1970.

Bioinformatics name joins two-part of the word.

  1. Bio means biology
  2. Informatique (a french word) meaning data processing

In Bioinformatics, many companies or people give different definitions. in the article, we list out some important definitions

  1. Bioinformatics is the field in which biology, computer science, and information technology merge into a single discipline for managing and analyzing biological data using advanced computing techniques.
  2. The combination ( or join ) of biology and…

Bulma CSS Framework

Bulma is a modern CSS framework.

I always a big fan of Bootstrap. Recently I try to some other frameworks. but I Recently find the Bulma framework.

Bulma is a modern CSS framework. Bulma is open source like bootstrap. Bulma also provides you ready to use frontend components that component help make the website fast and easy. you also easily combine with other components

I don't use Bulma soo much on my project daily basis. I’m just exploring the Bulma framework and try to understand how to use it.


In This Article, I'm told how to add the Bulma framework in react app. if you create…

Redirect from non-www to www domain maybe our site slowing down

Someday ago I find a question on StackOverflow about Redirection . after reading the question. I try to figure out whats redirection and how it works. suddenly I check my website speed on google page speed insights. then I release how big the Redirection problem on my site. in this post, we discuss the redirection problem and share my own experience with you. also I give you a solution.

What is Redirection?

Basically in most of the time Redirection use to redirect our domain into non-WWW to WWW and also help to redirection NON-HTTP to HTTPS.

What mean of www?

Simple www means is a subdomain. you…


React-Bootstrap is a library buid in react js help of the bootstrap CSS framework.

React-bootstrap is a package build with react js and bootstrap.

React-bootstrap rebuilt Bootstrap components designed to work as React components.

Use React-bootstrap you easily create react app help of bootstrap. react-bootstrap also speed up your workflow


  • Easily create reusable react component
  • Speed up your work
  • Less code
  • One command setup
  • Well define documentation
Install React-Bootstrap into React.js App?
Install React-Bootstrap into React.js App?
Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash


Firstly create react app using npm,npx, and yarn. after installation of react.js now available to install React-bootstrap in your app.

Firstly install react js

npx create-react-app my-app
npm install react
yarn add react

Secondly, install React-bootstrap

In the second step, you install React-bootstrap in your project with two-steps.

  1. yarn or npm
  2. CDN

Yarn or NPM

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