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The hook is a way to write less and cleaner code in React.

Hooks in react.js By Rajdeep Singh
Hooks in react.js

React is a widely used library in the JavaScript world. There are lots of other libraries present in JavaScript. But most companies and developers prefer React for website development. React comes with three benefits, which are great for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

  1. Easy learning process


Check the version with the import statement, package.json, and npm or yarn in React.

How to check the version in reactjs by Rajdeep Singh
How to check the version in reactjs by Rajdeep Singh

In React, we check the version in three ways. First is the package.json file. The second way we use the npm command-cli. And last, we use the import method in JavaScript and import version to check the version of React.

Package.json is very common and easy to use in React…

How to use Bootstrap 5 with CDN in Nextjs By Rajdeep Singh
CopyRight By Bootstrap


Bootstrap 5 is the leading CSS framework. You add Bootstrap 5 in nextjs with copy-paste code.

Bootstrap is a highly used framework everywhere. Many frameworks or libraries use bootstrap to build the frontend on websites.

Another hand, nextjs is the popular framework in the javascript or reactjs world. In 2020 lots of company shift reactjs to nextjs. nextjs provide lots of functionality out of the box…


The nextjs Script component help to optimize and improve loading performance in your web app. This article is part of my nextjs #SeriesPart11.

Next.js provides lots of functionality for the developer without any code. Nextjs Script component one of them. In nextjs Script component help to add third-party javascript like google Adsense, google analytics, stripe, tailwind CSS, and many more.

Nextjs automatically optimize your app with the nextjs script component. …


I build an under-construction nextjs project with middleware with one line of code.

Middleware in nextjs with full details by rajdeep singh
Middleware in nextjs

Middleware comes with many opportunities for the developer. You use the middleware to change the response of requests and redirect the user from one route to another route.

Nextjs middleware is also working similarly to other middleware. In this article, I build a project in nextjs using middleware.

I use…


Tailwind is a modern build responsive website CSS framework. Tailwind framework built with javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Tailwind is a great CSS framework for rapidly building websites. Suppose someone asks me to choose CSS frameworks in bootstrap and tailwind CSS. I select bootstrap because the bootstrap is an old CSS framework. I used bootstrap lots of times in past projects. Right now, as a modern area of…


I know free anime is essential for students. So I write my experience on an article. Maybe my article will help you lots.

Hey, I’m an anime lover, frontend developer, and technical writer. I clear say I love anime, and I watch lots of anime in my life. As an anime lover, I try lots of platforms to watch anime. In India, mostly anime series platform is paid. New media have been raised…


This article is full details article, how are layouting works and how it uses in nextjs. This article is part of next.js #SeriesPart10.

build a layout in nextjs By Rajdeep Singh
Build a layout in nextjs

Nextjs provide lots of functionality for developers. Next.js help to build layout very quickly.

In reactjs, we build a layout with the higher-order components. But in nextjs, we create a layout very quickly with a custom app.

For example, I build a layout for a blog website. …


This article is full details article, how to update the nextjs old version to the new version with npm and yarn. This article is part of next.js #SeriesPart9.

Nextjs library based on the reactjs javascript library. Both libraries are open-source projects developed with javascript language.

In Nextjs, lots of updates are released from time to time. nextjs and reactjs team resolve many bugs weekly in nextjs. …

Next.js is an unofficial medium publication. Our goal is to build a writer and reader community worldwide in one place. Every writer shares knowledge with the reader without any hesitation. nextjs give everyone to equal chance to share knowledge with another reader.

How to write an article with Next.js medium publication?
How to write an article with Next.js medium publication?

Which field do nextjs accept an article?

Our main goal is next.js-related articles to be…

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