Grammarly is a firefox extension for a writer. That helped to write an article on Firefox.

Grammarly builds an assistant software that helps write mistake-free writing, improve your grammar and check your spell in your browser.

Grammarly works with extension. You install the extension in your browser, and Grammarly automatics help to improve your writing skills.

In Firefox, firstly, you install the Grammarly extension, and you…

Chrome Extensions

Let suppose you are a chrome user. You use chrome daily basis to read news, watch videos and so on. But sometimes, ads are disturbing, and you lose your focus.

You use a chrome browser in daily life to complete your tasks. So that reason you open and visit so many websites in a single day. Maybe you are an office worker, and you visit the website for office work.

Usually, we work with co-workers, colleagues, friends, and Suddenly you…

Start Blogging Career

If you start a new career in the blogging field. then I recommend you to read my new article.

Install Filezilla in ubantu

You can face any trouble installing Filezilla in ubuntu. then I’m welcome you to read my article to install Filezilla in your Linux operating system.

Blogging Life

Blogging is a new way to start earning for everyone. But you really need a blog site. Let's find the answer?

For the first time, I write an article for my company client. The client is the essential requirement that is built AdSense approve ready website.

I had no idea, and my boss put pressure on me to build a blog website.

I start to study AdSense and build a complete…


Solve connect permission denied error in docker when show downloading the docker image in your system.

Most of the time, we face permission denied error. When we downloader or install docker images locally in a system. I also meet lots of time permission denied docker errors in the day.

Why show this error?

Got permission error show mostly in Linux system. …

CSS Framework

Foundation is a responsive front-end framework build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Foundation is a great CSS framework. Foundation framework provides lots of functionality to create a responsive website with write low CSS code. Compared to Bootstrap and Bulma, the Foundation CSS framework has not created a huge impact on the developer community. That is a very small drop-back for us.



Chrome is the best web browser right now in the market. Lots of people use chrome every day in the life. My favorite thing is chrome that is a chrome extension.

Every person uses chrome on is daily basis life. Chrome is very cool, I know. You use chrome to serve the internet, maybe get information on the internet, and read the article and news.

All extensions, which I told you all available free on the chrome web store. All extensions…


A beginner person always faces the problem of center div on a webpage.

I’m Face lots of trouble maybe you also. When I center div in the web page, one browser center div properly, and other browsers do not properly work. That reason CSS is very confusing for beginner people. You try some other CSS property to center div. But you fail.



Sequence alignment helps to compare DNA, RNA, and Protein

Sequence alignment is a method used in bioinformatics. You use the Sequence alignment tool to compare two DNA or RNA and also protein. base on compare you check the

  1. difference between two DNA or RNA and Protein.
  2. You also check Mutation inside the cell.
  3. You create a molecule 3d structure.


In this article, you use the Bulma CSS framework and create a project use Bulma sass.

Bulma is a great CSS framework is my opinion. One thing I love in Bulma is the class names. Bulma class names are very easy and rememberable for everyone and beginner person.

When I start the Bulma, I face one very little problem. That is sass. So I try to…

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